Common questions about vaccinations

Common questions about vaccinations

Dog owners should understand common questions about vaccinations as a priority. One of the common questions is whether the dog needs to be given the vaccination in the first week of age or not. The dogs need not be vaccinated within five to six weeks of age. But, if they did not receive vaccinations, the vaccination against the parvoviral infections used to kill viral vaccines and measles may be given.
Another common question is whether a dog should be given a bordetella or Lyme disease vaccine. No, these vaccines are only optional. Can the parvoviral vaccine be used in the first week of life? No. This will interfere with maternal antibody levels.
Can a pregnant animal be vaccinated? Yes. Two to three weeks earlier than expected pregnancy activity, the pregnant animal may be vaccinated against viral diseases. This helps to provide maternal antibodies to the young one to be given birth. Is there any need to give rabies vaccine to dogs? Yes. It is a must to go for the anti-rabies vaccine for dogs.
When this anti-rabies vaccine is given to the dogs, what precaution does one need to undertake in this regard? The rabies vaccine is provided at thirteen to fifteen weeks of age and should be repeated in fifteen months and then once in three years. The dog must be given this vaccine.
However, this depends on the risk area. Is there any need for canine distemper vaccination in the case of dogs? Yes. There is a specific requirement in the case of dogs for immunization against canine distemper. This disease is more prevalent in most countries.
Is there any vaccine against leptospirosis, and at what age should the dog be vaccinated? This is to be given at six to eight weeks, again at tenth to twelfth weeks, and again at thirteenth to sixteenth weeks.

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