The Holidays and Your Cat’s Health

The Holidays and Your Cat’s Health


Keeping your pet safe and healthy at all times should be one of your significant concerns, and this can be even more difficult around the holidays. You must make several special considerations for your cat around the holidays. Your vet can give you more specific instructions, but here are a few things you need to consider.

Holidays are not festive without a little decorating, including, in many cases, the use of flowers. If you have a cat in your house, make sure that flowers are well out of reach if they are toxic, remembering that cats can jump very high. Some of the most popular blooms harmful to your pet include bleeding hearts, calla lilies, poinsettias, daffodils, Easter lilies, irises, ivies, tulips (the bulb part), and several other plants. Most cats will not go out of their way to eat these things, but to be safe, make sure you securely use them in your home or, better yet, opt for faux versions instead. There are many kinds of plants that can harm your cat, so check with your vet to make sure before bringing new types of plants into your house.

The holidays also may bring some guests into your home for parties and gatherings. This can be very scary for your cat unless they are used to high traffic levels. It’s a good idea to keep your cat in a room away from the party with the door shut. This will prevent your cat from being scared. When people are coming into and out of your house, there’s also the potential that your cat could get outside, and there is also the danger that guests will feed your cat unsafe human foods. It is better to keep your cat away from the party.

Remember also that alcohol and animals do not mix well. Alcohol is deadly to animals. Although you or (more likely) a guest might think it’s funny to slip a little vodka into your cat’s water bowl, this could prove fatal. When you have guests, put your cat’s food and water bowls somewhere safe where no one can tamper with them.

Candles and electrical lights could also be unsafe for your pet. Cats are attracted to bright lights, and a candle could not only burn your pet, but you may find that a cat knocking over a candle will start a fire in your house or, at the least, spill wax onto furniture or carpets. Use electrical lights, but keep the cords covered and taped down, so your pet isn’t tempted to play with them. Overall, keep an extra eye on your pet during the holidays to ensure they are always safe. You can have a good time without compromising your cat’s health.

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