What You Need to Know about Persian Cat Care

It may be fluffy, but the way to do Persian cat care must also be according to how you do it with other cats. You have to perform the tasks with love and affection, just like being a parent to a child.
Where It Came From
The history of this breed of cats varies depending on who you are talking to. But most would say that the name is related to its origin. It is said that some of the early Persian cats came from Persia. This country is now known as Iran.

These cats are also believed to have originated from Turkey as well as England during the time of the Crusades. This breed held a particular spot in the royalties of England and even to the king of Persia during the early days. Such types of people valued the possession of Persian cats.
Maybe that’s why, until now, Persian cats seem to walk. They look like they have something classy about them.
The Breed
Persian cats’ body built can range from medium to large. It may appear fluffy like a pillow but has a good muscle tone. The fluff or coat has a fine texture and seems full of life. That is what gives the appearance of richness to this breed.

How to Care
Caring for your Persian cats need not be as regal as they seem. The idea is to be responsible and do your tasks accordingly.
You have to provide your pet with the best kind of food. They are not humans, and their needs differ greatly from yours. So, could you not give them your leftovers? Choose quality cat food according to your budget. Make sure that you provide them with food as fresh as possible. Don’t let your cats touch spoiled food, which may cause diarrhea or upset stomach sickness.

Always maintain their litter boxes. They have a sensitive smell. And they don’t like anything that stinks. This will also make your house good because you can keep things tidy.
And, of course, know your pet. You have to observe them well. You need to know when something’s not right. Have the veterinarian check them annually, and whenever required.

Just like a child, there are vaccinations that your cat needs to have. You have to include that in your monthly budget. So you better check your vet for some advice on how much you have to allot for each month’s check-up, if there would be any.

And, of course, you have to take time to care for your pets. Take time to play with them. They need to feel that you love them. Spend quality time with your cats. If you have other pets at home, take time and strategize on including the new one in the system.

Your cats get jealous when they don’t get the attention they used to have. It may lead to stress and depression. If you don’t take notice, this may get worse. So you always have to be very cautious.

Get in the groove of your Persian cat care. And you will be surprised that, through time, you will be able to develop ways to identify the signs and act on them before it becomes too late.

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